Dr. Joe Casterioto
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Dr. Casterioto graduated from Life University in 1998 as a doctor of chiropractic. Growing up in Delco he went to St. Dorothy's and Cardinal O'Hara High School. He has been practicing for over 19 years and moved his practice to tis new location to accommodate the community with much easier access to the office .

Since he began practicing, Dr. Casterioto enjoys keeping up to date through continuing educational classes, helping ensure that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care.

We thrive on getting the patient to understand there spine and how to keep themselves living healthy and pain-free.

Dr. Casterioto wants every patient to make educated decisions on there well being. He personally educates the patient and wants them to ask any questions on what he can or can not do for your condition...

Dr. Casterioto personally goes through every step with the patient. We believe in a personal step by step approach, for that reason the Doctor chooses not to have an associate on staff.

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