(Many more on file in the office)

  • "I woke up one morning to find that my right shoulder, my right arm, and my neck were hurting excruciatingly. I made a point of calling my primary care physician and I set up an appointment with him. He prescribed Vicodin and other lovely medications to help with the pain.

    This helped to some degree, however I felt that I needed more. He suggested a physical therapist, however I decided instead to go and see a chiropractor. I went to see Dr. Joe Casterioto, after having x-rays we found that I had degenerative disc disease. He prescribed a course of treatment that was conservative yet sufficient for what I needed.

    As a result of the treatment time I feel much better and now I have no pain in my right arm. In addition to the good care provided for me, I must point out that he and his coworker Shannon were excellent and fun people to work with. This made it a real joy to come and get back and neck adjustments. I can only highly recommend Dr. Casterioto's practice to anyone."
    Nate P.
  • "My husband and I have been having difficulty getting pregnant with our 3rd child. I am now 35 and it has not been as easy as my first 2 pregnancies. So I thought I should try to go to Dr. Joe and get adjusted right during my time of ovulation and see if that would help our efforts. Sure enough-I tested 2 weeks after my chiropractor appointment and tested positive! We are expecting in June!

    I also am continuing to go to Dr. Joe during my pregnancy and did so with my other pregnancies. You have so many aches and pains while pregnant that getting adjustments from Dr. Joe have helped me really enjoy my pregnancies and I believe they helped me have a much smoother labor too!"
    Patrice U
  • "When I first came to Dr. Joe, I could hardly put weight on my right leg. Walking was a painful effort. My posture was bad and I had lower back pain. I work long days and have to be on my feet. So, the pain was unbearable. With his treatments and traction, I am much better. I am now, thankfully, walking without shooting pains down my legs. He gave me stretching exercises to do and I do them faithfully, because they helped me so much. I still see Dr. Joe, but I no longer have to see him three times per week. At each visit I look forward to his cheery disposition. He has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him!"
    Antoinette T.
  • "After Thanksgiving Day in 2009, I was awaken by an excruciating, unbearable pain in my left arm. The pain radiated from my shoulder to my fingers. I had numbness in my fingers, and had difficulty using my left hand. I went to various providers and had various procedures done (x-ray and MRI), and saw a neurologist. The neurologist diagnoses my pain problem as due to a pinch nerve in the neck. A friend at work referred me to Dr.Casterioto, who put me on a treatment program. After a few months of treatment, the numbness in my finger went away and the pain in my arm diminished a lot and my neck has become strengthen. I am feeling so much better."
    Cassandra P.
  • "I threw my back out at the grocery store by simply picking up a gallon of milk. I began experiencing alot of lower back pain.

    Unfortunately because of the pain it kept me from going to work. I could barely walk, let alone move.

    I made an appointment to see Dr. Casterioto and he was able to see me right away. After a full examination he came up with a treatment plan and had me back on my feet in no time.

    He got me back to work and now I am pain free! This was my first trip to see a chiropractor and Dr. Casterioto made me feel very comfortable.

    Thank You Doctor!"
    Tim C.
  • "Every experience I have had with the Casterioto Family Chiropractic office has been welcoming, sincere and professional. Each step of the diagnosis process and treatment plan has been carefully explained to me. The treatment action plan was also supported with information to take home.

    Within 3 visits of care for my degenerative arthritis, I felt increased mobility in my neck and back. The reduction in pain has been so great, that I’ve had a surge of increased energy. These positive results have empowered me to jump start a stalled exercise program. I look forward to continued support from the Casterioto Family Chiropractic for my continued mobility success."
    Denise A.
  • "When I first came to Dr. Casterioto I could barely walk. Prior to Chiropractic the pain in my low back was so intense I had to be hospitalized. After 5 days in the hospital and several months of physical therapy everything seemed fine.

    The spasms and pain returned and I decided to give chiropractic a try. Within a week of what had been level 10 pain I was down to a very welcome level 2. I now just over a month later I have no pain.

    Dr. Casterioto takes the time to listen to your questions, explain what you may not understand and work with your schedule. I can’t thank him enough for his helping me get my life and productivity back."
    Ron L.
  • "I’m a busy working father who travels multiple times weekly both by car and airplane for work and to see my children.
    I’ve had aches and pains in the past both with my back and other areas of the body but nothing like my low back pain. I found everyday activities to be extremely difficult. Anything from getting out of my car, coughing or walking the concord at the airport was incredibly painful.
    Although I have a busy schedule I found it easy to stick to my treatment plan, I came to visits as instructed, iced when needed, stretched and now I feel great!
    I am slowly getting back into the daily routine of working out and keeping up with my triplets is a lot easier too.
    Thank you Dr Joe,"
    Dean A.
  • "---Part 1---
    Thank you! When I came in to see Dr. Joe in January, it was a spur of the moment thing because I’d been given a gift certificate for a massage. Dr Joe asked if I wanted a massage or a chiropractic treatment. I asked him which I needed. After asking what was wrong, he recommended using the electric stim unit treatments and adjustments of my hips."
    Gail M.
  • "---Part 2---
    A spur of the moment decision to try something new worked out for me. An experiment! For months I’d had been experiencing excruciating pain down the back of my left leg. I couldn’t straighten my knee; nor could I walk or sit for 15 minutes without muscle cramps in my calf and thigh. The pain in my hips would wake me from a sound sleep. You can’t do a good job at work taking pain medication…nor can you have a life either. Twenty years ago I had fallen down a flight of stairs and damaged my hips and pelvis. For many years I had had massages 2 or 3 times a week to relieve the cramping; but my masseur had moved away. Now my knees and hips hurt so much, my physician listed me as a candidate for knee replacement surgery. After the first session, the pain was gone and stayed gone over night. After the second session, I was pain-free for almost a week."
    Gail M.
  • "---Part 3---
    Twice weekly Stim and stretching allow me to live without medication. And best of all - - my gait is pain-free. My knees stop hurting when my hips are aligned. Surgery has been postponed…and I’ve lost weight. I recommend Dr. Joe to everyone who complains about back or pelvic pain…even if the condition has lasted for years. If chiropractic can help, he’ll tell you. If it cannot, he’ll tell you that, too."
    Gail M.
  • "I would like to tell you about Dr. Joe. I started seeing him after a car accident 13 years ago (he was a baby and so was I). After I had been to my doctor and was offered muscle relaxers and nothing else, Dr. Casterioto was the one who was able to get me out of pain and get me functional again.

    Keeping up with regular chiropractic care has resolved my chronic migraines (that I started having at 9 years old) and kept my back healthy. Although I really like my MD for some medical issues, Dr. Joe has been the only health care provider who always helps me. Rather than just masking a problem (or creating new ones), he gets the root of the issue and fixes it. I find that much more helpful.

    Ed M.
  • "---Part 1---
    I’m a Dr. Joe success story! For years I suffered from chronic neck and upper back pain brought on by who-knows-what. When it got bad enough, I’d see a chiropractor for a while until it wasn’t bothering me so much and then I’d quit. Of course, the problem would always come back.

    Dr. Joe took a new approach with me – developing a treatment plan of regular visits over several months to get the condition under control. After that I started monthly maintenance visits. Rather than stopping treatments altogether because I wasn’t feeling any pain, I now come in once a month for a quick re-alignment which keeps me on track. Even if I have a flare-up once in a while, it’s much easier and quicker to treat and I’m feeling great again in no time. I can’t stress enough how important continuing monthly maintenance visits is for overall well-being!"
  • "---Part 2---
    Dr. Joe and his staff are so welcoming. He may have a day of back-to-back appointments but if you’re having a problem, he’ll always fit you in at the first available opportunity. And, even on those crazy days, Joe always has a moment or two to chat and joke between patients. You never feel like you’re being rushed out the door. His early morning appointment times are great, too. Since I work in the city, it’s easy to stop in before heading to the office.

    Thanks, Dr. Joe, for the great work you do!


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